Saturday, 7 January 2012

Manchester's Quirks

I didn't quite realise how artistic and quirky Manchester was until today, when i was walking through the Northern Quarter and came across an array of graffiti artwork.

After living in Manchester for 7 months, today i finally got round to going to see the Banksy graffiti in the Northern Quarter. I think it's fair to say that you can't exactly see it. A perspex panel has been put over the graffiti to ensure no damage can be done to it, however some people have still felt the need to graffiti over the perspex, which is a shame. I wasn't disappointed for long as on my way home i found a whole collection of graffiti artwork, from Alice in wonderland inspired images on shutters, to a powerful image of a women on a brick wall. The work i came across was bright bold and done to such a high standard.

I think its safe to say this kind of vandalism is cool!


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